New Album Kickstarter

April 30, 2018

Here's a snippet of each song from my new self-titled album. If you like what you hear, I just launched my FIRST Kickstarter campaign so please click the link below and support my efforts in making and putting this record out to the world. Pre-order your copy now! I'm offering some other incentives as well so please take advantage of that. Thank you!!​

Fusion Gig Bags For The Win

September 05, 2017

Traveling all over the world with an 'ukulele can present some very interesting challenges: to check in or not? Is the Canadian cool affecting my instrument's humidity? Well, fear not, if you have a Fusion Gig Bag! These things are great and I highly recommend them if you plan to take your 'ukulele to exotic destinations around the world.

Awesome to be a part of this recent "top 10" list along with some of my 'uke friends! Check it out here:

Photo courtesy: Fusion Gig Bags

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